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Classroom Instruction

Academics – Reading, writing, math, and science are taught daily and explicitly

Fine Arts – Includes disciplined based art education, and music

Practical life- (grace, courtesy/manners, control of movements, care of self, care for the environment, basic nutrition and food preparation, shopping, budgeting, interviewing, meeting and introducing  people, personal time management, organization, and more.)
Academy Del Sol provides students with a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academics, but on practical life and the arts as well.
Through our fine arts program, students are exposed to fine arts instruction daily instead of only once per week as seen in many schools with “specials” programs.  This is made possible because Academy Del Sol has an extended school day that is 45 minutes longer than traditional schools.  As a result of this extended school day, your student’s reading, writing, math, and science content areas are not short changed to fit this very important fine arts curriculum into the day. 
 Children at Academy Del Sol Love Learning!